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The firm undergoes a regular quality control review of its operations. This review that is undertaken once in three years critically assesses the firms’ administrative and professional procedures and techniques .In the last ten years, Deoki Bijay & Co. has undergone three Peer Reviews, for a total nine year period, by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The latest Peer Review Certificate no. is 010055 dated 06.06.2017.

It Suggests improvement therein and ensures that the firm maintains the highest standard of professional performance in accordance with generally accepted standards prevalent within the country, these are ongoing quality control procedures to ensure adherence to the high professional Standards set by the firm.

SECOND PARTNER REVIEW -Deoki Bijay & Co. has an internal policy of carrying out a second partner review before issuance of all statutory assurance reports


Our audit methodology focuses on organizational objectives and any impediment to achieving those objectives. We recognise fully the need to provide assurance on clients operations. Equally, we recognise the importance of managing compliance issues, particularly in today's evolving regulatory environment. The Thrust area of our audit are:

  • Full coverage of the scope which as per the management requires attention
  • Focus on areas considered as potentially & most likely to lead to material errors in financial statements
  • Our audit control procedures are based on project planning techniques, including the use of automated processes and document templates, and the agreement of objectives, timetables, responsibilities and careful resource planning
  • The focus of our reports are to generate constructive and value added advice; and identifies performance improvement





  • Progressive Review
  • Better Management
  • Effective Control
  • Asset Protection
  • Fixing Responsibility
  • Improved Performances
  • Proper use of Resources