1. About


To be recognised as a leader in the field of Audit, Assurance, Taxation and Advisory Services.



To Provide highest Quality Professional services delivered in a timely, efficient and innovative manner which results in growth & value addition to clients and ultimately resulting in National Growth.


Firm Background

Deoki Bijay & Co. (DBC), established in year 1984 has been rendering professional services to organizations across various industries. The firm has practice offices located at Kolkata and Ranchi. It has a network of specialists and highly qualified personnel in diverse fields and offers comprehensive services relating to assurance, advisory and taxation. Our Senior Partner D N Agrawal is also a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal and is also empanelled as Reviewer by the Peer Review Board of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Why DBC?

Deoki Bijay Co.(DBC) has strong organizational capacity to undertake large audit assignments.

We have a team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals who are equipped with exposure and work experience. We provide an imaginative, innovative, rigorous and collaborative approach to the audit that recognizes the special issues facing the industry.

Our philosophy, principles and values are so strongly weaved in our culture fabric that our beliefs are shared amongst all and which helps us earn our client’s trust and respect. Our people are determined to do their best consistently and ourstructures, procedures and style have been formed to support them in this endeavor.

Our Clients can be confident that DBC is committed to helping them achieve the objectives. To this end, we will utilize our tools, knowledge, experience and vast resources of our firm. We will be flexible in our approach, addressing any issues as they arise, maintaining ongoing communication with the client and emphasizing quality.

Our statement of strategic direction creates a consistent internal perspective on what we stand for and provides the basis for the image we project externally to the market. Our leadership arises from our dedication to continuous improvement in client satisfaction through integrated value-added service.

Our core values represent a fundamental attitude of mind that runs through everything we do to achieve our strategic direction. They define the character of our people and the firm, through:

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Responsiveness Continuous Improvement